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We have tools to inform whatever R&D decisions you’re facing in any stage of development, including: setting indication priorities, advising on go/no-go decisions, and assessing market access and pricing potential. We can help you find the answers you need.


Tools for Early R&D


Disease Target Assessment

Disease Target Assessment (DTA) estimates an asset’s commercial performance given uncertainty about its clinical attributes. Our DTAs help early development teams determine what level of efficacy, safety/tolerability, dosing and price their drug will need to be commercially successful.


Product Profile Building

Using our DTA framework can help teams in very early development estimate what kinds of target product profiles (TPPs), both in terms of quantified levels of efficacy and safety/tolerability, are needed to achieve a desired annual price or patient share.


Indication prioritization

Our discovery scan and heat map tools can help clients with assets that are suited for a range of indications decide which of those indications they should focus on for initial approval.


Tools for development

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PRicing and Market access

Our pricing and market access analytics can be used for both early and late phase agents. We compare the clinical benefit of the drug to its cost, and benchmark those results to a historical data set of launched drugs to identify appropriate analogs.  Our clinical benefit vs. cost metric is strongly predictive of the pricing and market access outlook for new agents.



Our forecasting models instantly revise patient share and revenue predictions when fresh information arises about an asset’s clinical attributes and launch date, or as new information emerges about competitors — allowing teams to quickly and authoritatively answer management questions about the impact of events.

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To support revenue projections, we have well-researched, sourced, and carefully calibrated epidemiology estimates in all our DTA and forecast models.

In addition, we also provide incidence-based patient flow models that accurately estimate the number of patients available for treatment at each stage of disease and line of treatment.


Specialized Tools



We have distinctive tools for both early- and late-stage oncology. Our oncology DTA models estimate the price potential of new assets and new combination regimens, as a function of anticipated clinical attributes. You can use these models to estimate the price a new asset or regimen can achieve, based on norms established by commercially successful drugs launched in recent years.

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Rare diseases

For teams developing agents for rare diseases, we have created unique tools for estimating pricing potential. Our work, based on extensive analysis of commercially successful drugs in rare diseases, shows that the pricing potential of a new rare-diseases therapy is dependent on the size of the population, disease burden, and the improvement that a new drug can offer.