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Equinox is currently seeking candidates for Research Associate positions.


Working at Equinox Group
Equinox Group is a client-centered boutique consulting firm focused on creative problem-solving for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Here, we work with clinical, research, commercial, and marketing teams to inform R&D decisions at every stage. We take pride in the unique position we’ve staked out in the healthcare consulting world, earned by our objective, quantitative approach.

Why Equinox?
We offer employees the opportunity to apply their knowledge and flex their analytical skills in an intellectually stimulating and collegial work environment. The work is varied: you will work in multiple therapeutic areas, with clients ranging from small biopharma companies to global industry leaders. Unlike larger firms, the flat hierarchical structure at Equinox means that contributions from every team member are heard and valued. Professional development is as important to us as it is to you, and we encourage our employees to constantly strive for individual growth and the cultivation of new skills.

What Our Staff Has to Say about Working at Equinox

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Research Associate
Research Associate (RA) is the entry-level research position at Equinox Group. Candidates typically have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a life science, mathematics/statistics, engineering, or economics – it takes a strong analytical capability to succeed in the position.

Each new RA is assigned a mentor (a senior staff member), receives introductory training in Equinox Group methods and procedures, and works on client cases shortly after joining the company. RAs get involved in most aspects of client cases, giving them immediate exposure to client needs and the analytical solutions Equinox uses to meet those needs.

Career Path
Within one or two years, RAs develop a basic fluency in each of the company’s key competencies: epidemiology, unmet medical need analysis, forecast modeling, and primary market research. Along the way, RAs pick up important client interaction and presentation skills. RAs who have demonstrated the ability to produce excellent analytical results quickly are promoted to the Analyst position.

Analysts have two to five years of work experience, and are most commonly promoted from a Research Associate position. They have demonstrated expertise in our key competencies and conduct client cases with minimal direction from senior staff members.

Depending on the size and scope of a project, Analysts work either independently or in a team setting. Analysts work on several projects at once; each project typically lasts from two to four months. Analysts play an important role in preparing final deliverables and recommendations to clients. They often have significant contact with clients and occasionally manage the work of Research Associates.

Career Path
Analysts who develop sufficient depth and breadth of experience in the application of Equinox Group analytical tools, and who have the interest and aptitude to provide day-to-day management of projects, are promoted to the role of Consultant.

Consultants tend to have more than five years of work experience, and are either promoted from the ranks of the Analysts or hired from outside the company. Consultants have developed a deep level of expertise in all Equinox Group key competencies. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in a life science, mathematics/statistics, engineering, or economics, as well as an advanced degree.

In addition to analytical work, Consultants have primary responsibility for managing all day-to-day aspects of client cases and typically manage the contributions of Analysts and Research Associates. They take the lead on synthesizing conclusions and delivering recommendations. Consultants work closely with client teams and have the opportunity to generate new business directly with clients.